Painless Tales – Baking a Cake

FB Aug 2021 (11)

Bob Rea, Clinical Lead at Our Health Hub, explains that just like baking a cake is not the same as cooking, managing persistent pain is not the same as living with persistent pain.  

Baking is more precise, accurate and more scientific – just like pain management. 

When you bake you need to know the right type of ingredients to use and the correct amount to achieve great results. Just in the same way, those living with persistent pain need to know why their pain happens, what makes their pain better or worse and how often this happens.  

Bakers learn how to mix and blend their ingredients and then watch as their work takes shape over time to produce consistent outcomes. Sometimes the cakes don’t always turn out so well but the baker knows to continue with the recipe and to keep trying until they get better results.  

For those experiencing persistent pain it is very much the same; sufferers learn to mix and blend their daily activities to find the most comfortable way to live. They too have days when their pain is not so good, but by paying attention to their tried and proven recipe, they can also get consistent results by way of reduced pain experience and a better quality of life. 

To become a good baker it takes training, time, commitment and support and it is a progression using practice until good results are produced every day. 

Pain sufferers also need time, support and practice until they are able to accept and live well with their pain.  

If you provide the commitment and the practice, Bob Rea at Our Health Hub will provide the science, the ingredients and the support to help you identify what is important to you and to help you achieve great results.