Overcoming Persistent Pain

Overcoming Persistent Pain Programme £380

Before purchasing this programme, you must buy an
Introductory Consultation first

Here at Our Health Hub we understand that living with persistent pain can often make you feel out of control.  The mental strain can be just as impactful as the physical burden, often taking over your life and becoming all-consuming.

The Overcoming Persistent Pain programme will help you make progress towards a better quality of life, helping you to understand and live alongside the pain you experience on a daily basis. Our Pain Specialists will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan and offer guidance and support to set realistic achievable goals. Progress will be measured on a regular basis as you work through the programme at a pace that suits you.

We will help you identify what is important to you and guide you, through practical steps, towards changing your relationship with pain.

Our team of experienced Pain Management Practitioners, trained in the hugely successful NOI approach, will work with you on a one to one basis.

To ensure continuity of care, and with your consent, we will work in partnership with your GP during your treatment.

Start your journey back from persistent pain, book your initial consultation today. 

How the programme works

  • First Purchase your 30 min Introductory Consultation 
  • This gives you the opportunity to talk to us about your persistent pain, how you are responding to it and your pain management objectives.
  • It gives us a chance to assess your pain, the impact it is having on your life and explain how we can help you.
  • Use our online appointment service to choose a convenient day and time for your introductory consultation

Our programme is fully online.

  • You will need access to an internet connected device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop PC)
  • Consultations require a webcam and microphone
  • A private, comfortable space
  • When you and we are confident that the Overcoming Persistent Pain programme will be right for you, we will send you a link to purchase the Overcoming Persistent Pain Programme.
  • After you have purchased the Programme, we will ask you to contact your GP and request a summary of your medical records. 
  • We will send you instructions as to what to ask for.
  • You then send the summary to us so that we fully understand your pain condition and medical history before starting your treatment.
  • Once you have sent your medical summary to us, you can book your 1st appointment.
  • You will receive regular consultations, at 2-3 weekly intervals (see ‘what is included’ for full details). These consultations will help you fully engage with the Programme.
  • They enable us to work with you ‘in depth’ on your condition. We will give you training in the tools which will help you move towards effective ‘self management’.  You will have the opportunity to talk about what is working well and make adjustments, if necessary
  • We will cover a broad range of subjects which play a part in effective pain management. These can include your emotional response to pain, activity levels, sleep pattern, diet and medication (if required). The emphasis we give to each of these is highly personal and determined by you. You will receive support to understand how to make changes to better control your pain, so it doesn’t continue to control you
  • Your next follow-up will be arranged at the end of each appointment allowing you to choose the best day and time for you
  • After your initial consultation you will be given access to all our online resources to enable you to start to identify what is important to you
  • The pain management resources will help you to learn how to explore the choices in relation to pain and behaviour and how to use mindfulness to move around barriers, especially your thoughts and feelings
  • You will have unlimited access to our online resources for a 12 month period following your initial consultation
  • By the end of your programme you should have made good progress towards your pain management objectives, developed a comprehensive set of ‘self management’ tools, be able to recognise setbacks in your pain management journey and have awareness of how to deal with them.
  • You will review your progress with your Pain Specialist and if required, be able to purchase additional support sessions
  • You will have 12 months access to our Pain Management Resources so that you can revisit lessons and activities as needed.

Is the programme suitable for me?

  • If you have been experiencing persistent pain (usually for more than 3 months) which is limiting your life, then this programme is for you
  • This programme helps you to understand the complex interaction between pain transmission and your emotions
  • We will explain how you can re-focus on how you see your pain and reduce the distress surrounding it 
  • We will look at how you live and manage your pain right now to work out the best ways forward for you
  • Setting manageable goals that are consistent with your values, we will help you measure progress

NB. The programme is not suitable for minors under 18 years or patients with cancer related pain

The Overcoming Persistent Pain Programme comprises:

  • A 60 minute pain assessment to prepare your personalised treatment plan, agree realistic pain management goals and start your treatment. You will learn about the choices in relation to your pain and techniques that will help you manage your pain more effectively. You will gain an understanding of potential setbacks and how to deal with them
  • 4 in-depth consultations at 2-3 weekly intervals to explore your condition from different perspectives; your physical and mental health, your ability to cope with stress, your diet and your medications
  • 12 months unlimited access to our easy-to-follow, extensive pain management resources, to include short, daily activities for your mind and body. These resources can be accessed at any time and are designed to be controlled and managed by you

Overcoming Persistent Pain Programme £380

Before purchasing this programme, you must buy an
Introductory Consultation first