Our Practitioners

At Our Health Hub we bring you modern and holistic healthcare which compliments the service you already receive from the NHS.
  • A very accessible service. All your consultations are online and delivered in the comfort of your home
  • Easy-to-book consultations, appointments often available within 24 hours, all with minimal administrative hassle
  • Regular consultations with pain specialists who have time to listen and understand
  • A personalised treatment plan that is agreed together and progressed at your pace without pressure
  • 12 months, unlimited access, to an extensive range of pain relieving exercises and resources
  • Your involvement at every stage of the programme

We promise to do healthcare with you, not to you

Meet Our Practitioners

Our Pain Management specialists have all trained with the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) in addition to their professional qualifications. NOI emphasises a biopsychosocial approach. The merging of the biology of human pain, stress and performance with the psychological and social environment.

Bob Rea – Clinical Lead for Pain Management 

Bob has been a registered mental health nurse since 1991 and when he found his way to the area of helping people manage their pain, he knew he had arrived at his perfect job. Pain Management incorporates Bob’s core professional values of supporting people and those close to them, to learn about and be the expert, on how their pain experience works and how to make life long changes.

In Bob’s opinion, the best pain management makes use of all the evidence available in areas like movement, activity management, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as sleep and nutrition.

Bob is currently studying for a Masters degree in Pain Management as he wants patients to have an informed, experienced healthcare professional guiding them on their journey.  

Bob’s blogs

Miriam Daurat – Chartered Physiotherapist

Miriam is a Chartered Physiotherapist and has a special interest in persistent pain management. She loves nothing more than to help people put the pieces of their puzzle back together in order to reduce pain and promote a more positive outlook.

As someone with fibromyalgia, Miriam is empathetic to all aspects of client needs and focuses on providing supportive, empowering, individualised care.

To keep active Miriam enjoys Pilates, playing badminton and going for dog walks. She also loves to garden and read science fiction in her spare time.
Miriam has completed courses in pain management and mindfulness that have positively impacted her physiotherapy practice and her approach to persistent pain management.

Gaynor Hughes – RGN Nurse

Gaynor’s interest in pain management started many years ago when she was working at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital helping patients already living with persistent pain overcome acute pain following trauma or surgery.

Nursing has given Gaynor the knowledge and understanding of many pain conditions but she feels empathy, knowing support and encouragement comes from within. Gaynor has been nursing for over 35 years in many different fields from ITU to palliative care.

Gaynor’s main area of nursing has been in orthopaedics so has experience in many musculoskeletal conditions that can cause discomfort and pain. Pain and symptom control play a large part of her day to day work.

Gaynor’s blogs

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Lorraine Mercer – Manager

Lorraine leads the day to day operations of the service and supports our practitioners with non clinical issues.  Ensuring the service runs smoothly, Lorraine is the first point of call if you have technical problems such as booking your appointment or issues with making payment or logging-in.

With many years experience of operational and office management, Lorraine has previously worked for both private healthcare providers and local authorities.


Dr Ehsan Rafiq – Medical Advisor

Dr Rafiq is the Medical Advisor for Our Health Hub and is a GP Partner in a modern Manchester Practice and the Medical Director of Med-Co Secure Healthcare Services Ltd.

Dr Rafiq is a GP trainer, an appraiser and a specialist advisor to the CQC.  He has a special interest in Medico-Legal work, which he has been involved in for many years.

Helen Adam RGN RMN – CQC Registered Manager

Helen is our CQC Registered Manager and the Clinical Services Lead for Med-Co Secure Healthcare Services Ltd.

Helen joined the company in 2014 and also manages Healthcare Services at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre and delivers external training in Mental Health Awareness.

Part of the Med-Co Group

Our Health Hub is a company within the Med-Co Group. The aim of the group is ‘to bring the right people together to make lives healthier’.

We are committed to the principles of continuity of care for all our patients in a supportive, personalised environment.