Our Journey to Our Health Hub

Kings Arms

How it started:

A GP, a healthcare director and a social entrepreneur in a 17th century pub talking, over a coffee, about providing a cohesive medically focused service for sufferers of long term, chronic pain. That’s where we began in early 2018. We’ve had quite a journey since then!

Based on personal experiences, we (the above) were convinced that something needed to be done to supplement pain management services available through the NHS. Media reports concerning lengthy delays and poorly joined up services helped confirm our thinking. Clearly there was a need for an accessible, multidisciplinary and medically led service which really was patient focused. The key drivers identified were; being seen by a GP within a short space of time supported by ongoing navigation as the patient moved along a multidisciplinary pathway. But this would only work if sufficient time was also allocated to provide  individualised care at an emotional as well as a clinical level.

It’s one thing to talk about it, quite another to do something. Consulting with clinical colleagues in Dorset to test the idea showed two things: there was support for an accessible and affordable pain management service and here were also a number of other clinical areas where standard NHS provision was falling short. Clinical colleagues wanted to do something about that, but there didn’t seem to be an obvious or easy route for them to start up diverse, small scale clinical operations that sat comfortably alongside their NHS commitments. There were problems of space, business skills, patient referrals, costs and time.

So the idea of Our Health Hub was born. What if we could create a managed space that would allow small scale, private clinical services to be offered? Diverse clinicians could come together in a supportive environment that would help them develop their individual businesses. As an important part of the offer, the clinicians would also help raise awareness of their healthcare specialities by providing educative events for the local community. This would be a Health Hub for patients, the community and clinicians, driven by response to local need which would truly support health and well being at a local level.

In the late Spring of 2019 our idea will become reality. Conversion work has started on our building at Armitage House on Poundbury and the doors will open at the start of May. Initially we will be offering a Private GP service, Pain Management, Physiotherapy and associated disciplines, Orthotic and Podiatry services. As we become established, we hope more services will be offered. If you are clinician working near Dorchester and want to get involved, do get in touch.

Come and find out more at our Open Day on 4th May. You can also subscribe to our news updates to keep in touch with events and developments.