Moving Past Pain

Persistent muscular or joint pain can be excruciating, making you feel anxious and reducing mobility

With the personal support of our Pain Specialist Physiotherapist you will receive with our programme;

  • an online video assessment 
  • a treatment plan
  • 4 video consultations to support your progress
  • Access to our specialist video library of pain relieving exercises

Our Moving Past Pain programme is designed to help you

  • reduce your pain levels
  • increase activity
  • build strength  
  • improve joint mobility

The key to our programme is your frequent check-in with our physiotherapist to help you build your motivation to do the exercises and stretches.

“I found the coaching sessions really useful. I also found that knowing I was going to speak with Miriam motivated me more. I felt like she understood what I was saying”

Start your journey back from pain and reduced mobility.

Moving Past Pain Programme £125

How the programme works

  • You will be directed to our online booking system
  • Choose a suitable day and time for your initial consultation  
  • You will receive an email confirming your appointment

Our programme is fully online.

  • You will need access to an internet connected device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop PC)
  • Consultations require a webcam and microphone
  • A private, quiet, comfortable space
  • Your initial consultation will last 30 minutes
  • Your Physiotherapist will spend time assessing your pain condition, what impact it is having on your life and what your objective is for the programme
  • You will receive an email after your consultation confirming our discussions, your personalised treatment plan and prescribed exercises
  • Your next review appointment will be arranged during this initial consultation and will usually take place 2 weeks later
  • You will receive 4 follow-up consultations at 2-3 weekly intervals 
  • These reviews will be a chance for you to keep in touch with your Physiotherapist and discuss what is working well and makes adjustments if needed.
  • Your follow-ups will be arranged at the end of each appointment allowing you to choose the best date and time 
  • After your initial consultation your Physiotherapist will prescribe the most suitable exercises based on your pain condition
  • You will have unlimited access to these resources for a 12 month period following your initial consultation
  • At your final consultation you will be given the opportunity to review the programme with your Physiotherapist
  • If your pain condition is still challenging and a more intensive programme is required, you will have the opportunity to progress to The Pain Management Programme 

Is the programme suitable for me?

  • This programme is designed to help relieve pain, improve strength and flexibility and restore joint mobility
  • Setting personal goals right from the start, you will measure your progress on a regular basis with the support of our Chartered Physiotherapist
  • If you are looking for ways to relieve tension and stiffness, increase mobility and find ways to decrease overall pain levels, then this programme is for you

NB. The programme is not suitable for minors under 18 years or patients already receiving medical treatment for pain

The Moving Past Pain Programme comprises:

  • An initial 30 minute consultation with our Chartered Physiotherapist to assess your pain, prepare you personal treatment plan and agree your pain management goals
  • 4 follow-up consultations, at 2-3 weekly intervals to discuss your progress and adjust your treatment plan as required
  • 12 months unlimited access to our extensive video library of easy-to-follow specialist pain relieving exercises and stretches. These resources can be accessed at any time
  • “I found the coaching sessions really useful. I also found that knowing I was going to speak with Miriam motivated me more. I felt like she understood what I was saying”
  • “The programme has given me hope for a mostly pain free future”
  • “I liked the simplicity of the exercise videos without them being too simple”
  • “Miriam was very easy to talk to, she asked the questions I would expect and she understood what I was explaining. She suggested some additions to the programme and sent them over by email”
  • “Miriam is great to chat to and listens intently to what the issue is as well as what has been done already”
  • “My initial consultation was good, Miriam was very professional, empathetic and knowledgeable.  She gave me specific exercises to try after each session.  I saw an improvement right away”
  • “I will continue to use the stretches long after I finish the course because I have experienced the benefit and I don’t want to go back”
  • “While I still have the discomfort in my neck and shoulders, I do feel very better informed as to how to manage the issue through mobility and stretching. A positive outcome!”

Moving Past Pain Programme £125

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Examples of resources you will have access to