Managing Pain – Sports Person

FB Aug 2021 (13)

Sport is a really useful metaphor for those wanting to learn to manage their pain. It does not matter whether it is an individual sport or team based.

Bob Rea, Clinical Lead at Our Health Hub explains that people who play sports tend to always want to get better at it, usually because they like or need to do the activity.  If you want to do something challenging, then the advice would be to do your research first; speak to someone who is involved in the sport like a coach or a person already doing the activity, and almost always, the best way to find out if you like the sport is to try it out first. 

You will need to develop your resources over time; find support from those close to you, organise and commit to the training schedule and also to the lifestyle.   

People generally know they like the sport before they are good at it because often they have watched others doing it first. They enjoy what the sport gives them, how it makes them feel, which in turn makes them feel happy that they started. They feel they can give the commitment required to the sport and make room for it in their lives. 

With practice and over time, they get better whilst acknowledging mistakes and off days are all part of the development to getting better. 

It can be that sometimes you need to take a break from the activity if other important life events pop up or if you have lost focus or interest. 

The sport will always be there waiting for you to return.