Keeping Your Feet Healthy


TIPS on keeping your feet healthy while the clinic is closed
* Hygiene is extremely important; regularly wash or soak your feet in warm water which can help to soften areas of hard skin or corns.
* Keep you feet well moisturised with a sensitive foot cream. DO NOT USE creams with high urea content unless you have really thick hard callus/skin.
* Change your socks daily and make sure they are not too tight. Cotton or natural fibre socks are best.
* Wear well fitting shoes and try to avoid any pressure around your toes, particularly if your nails are getting long. Wear open toed shoes if you are unable to cut your nails yourself until such
Remember – Keep your social distance and stay safe!
time as a clinician can do them for you
* Use disposable nail files to file your nails. Using one file for each foot or a separate file if you have any fungal nail infection to prevent cross contamination.
* If you have any other concerns due to heat, redness, pain or signs of infection, please contact me urgently, preferably with a photo to seek advice
The most important thing of all is that we all stay healthy and well and I look forward to returning to “hands on” clinics again as soon as possible. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

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