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Heatwave (940 × 600px) healthcare

Tips for keeping cool in the heatwave

The mercury is rising and temperatures are set to climb throughout the week. Here …

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Swimming (940 × 600px) healthcare

How swimming can alleviate back pain

Swimming can be a great aerobic exercise choice for people with back pain as …

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Balance (940 × 600px) healthcare

Improving your balance skills at any age

Balance training involves doing exercises that strengthen the muscles that help keep you upright, …

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Sciatica (940 × 600px) healthcare

Everything you need to know about Sciatica

Sciatica is common and affects between 10-40% of the UK population. Recovery times vary …

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Paddleboarding (940 × 600px) healthcare

Case Study – Shoulder Injury

Ian Rees, 66, CEO of Our Health Hub is an avid sportsman and had …

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WFH healthcare

Simple method to ‘trick our brains into commuting’ when WFH

Why is a work ‘commute’ healthy when we are working from home. Our Health …

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Community Partnerships

We believe that there are many ways to maintain health and well being. We are keen to work alongside other groups in our community who share similar aims.

Art on display – creative activity has a very positive influence on wellbeing. When you visit Our Health Hub you can enjoy work from a number of local artists 

Sally Farrow – Sally’s creative inspirations come from her life experiences, drawing on her time living in South Africa. Sally uses cultural ideals, such as family and motherhood as a platform for her creativity. Sally believes being creative is important to one’s own personal development and finds translating ideas into art exhilarating.

Sabrina Wadman – Sabrina is passionate about drawing animals. Although her style is often less ‘realistic’ looking than most pet portraits as she uses thicker, bolder strokes, often using a brush attached to a long stick, her expressiveness allows the detail to come together with the bigger picture. Sabrina has since refined her art so her unique style is now well established.

The Dorchester Art Club have also recently displayed a selection of their work at Our Health Hub. Viewings for the next collection will be posted on our events page. We hope the local community will visit to  enjoy their work and find out more about the club.

We are very pleased to help AquAid by buying ‘ethical’ water for the Hub water cooler. Make sure you have a glass when you visit next. The more we drink, the more assistance we sponsor. To find out more click here

Our Water Coolers
are from AquAid