About us

About Our Health Hub

Our Health Hub offers a holistic and innovative approach to on-line healthcare. Holistic because we believe in a bio-psycho-social approach and innovative through our blend of on-line consultations supported by on-line learning resources.

You will have speedy access to consultations with more time available to properly discuss your concerns with your practitioner.

We will give you access to healthcare that fits with your busy life and is delivered in the comfort and safety of your home or place of work.

We believe in empowering you and gaining your active participation to achieve your healthcare goals. Our treatment programmes help you towards self-management of your long term conditions.

Our Health Hub Team:

Lorraine Mercer – Manager. Lorraine has many years experience of operational and office management working for local private healthcare providers and manages Our Health Hub.

Dr Ehsan Rafiq – Medical Advisor. Dr Rafiq is Medical Director of Med-Co Secure Healthcare Services Ltd, a Partner in a modern NHS GP practice, a GP Trainer and Appraiser and an Advisor to the CQC.

Bob Rea – Clinical Lead for Pain Management Services. Registered Mental Health nurse and Pain Management Specialist.

Gaynor Hughes – Registered nurse and Pain Management Specialist.

Miriam Daurat – Chartered Physiotherapist and Pain Management Specialist.

Part of the Med-Co Group

Our Health Hub is a initiative of the Med-Co Group. The aim of the group is ‘to bring the right people together to make lives healthier’. We are committed to the principles of continuity of care in a supportive, personalised environment.